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Syed Ali is a Singer in the north Indian music tradition. He was born and raised in Norway. Since the age of 14, Syed has been an apprentice of Guru Shri Lal Sahejpal ( a well-known Musician and Music Teacher in Norway.  He has studied music at Oslo School of Music and arts and is an active performer appearing alongside other bands, and has worked with different producers like Alwynne Pritchard, nymussik , Samspill International Music network and Toni Usman for Westerdls Oslo School Of Arts.

Syed started singing at a very early age. He used to sing religious Sufi poetry at local events and gatherings. One day he came across some heavy Indian traditional classical music albums of people like Joshi Bhimsen, Girja Devi, Bismillah Khan, and many others. He felt for these and many more genius musicians and really developed an urge to learn Indian classical music. Raising up in Norway he did not have many options, there was no music school at that time teaching Indian classical music. However, he did manage to get in touch with a private teacher and well-known Indian musician living in Norway, Shri Lal Sahajpal. He has been learning music from him ever since.

Syed did also develop a taste for more modern Indo-Pak music like ghazals and modern Asian pop music. The urge to mix modern pop music with the Indian classical style of singing eventually got him to work with hip hop music producer Morgan Kornmo. After a lot of work with the best from two worlds, Syed released his first single in 2018. He is currently working on several new projects and will soon release more songs for everyone to enjoy.